Slide Nexton GmbH We are live now. Take the next step and charge your electric vehicle with 150 kWh at the first ultra-fast charging station in Bulgaria.

Why NeXton?Just we love what we do.

CCS, ChAdeMO and Tesla charging standards.Minimalistic Modern Design
Intuitive UX. Intuitive Customer Terminal. Minimalistic Modern Design
24/7 Customer Support and CCTV Intuitive Customer Terminal
Nexton Technology
Proprietary Charging Software. In-house production. Hardware innovations.

Mobile App

Nexton’s app allows you to: ⁃Create a charging profile your vehicles. ⁃Set up a default charging percentage preference. ⁃Start and pay for charging sessions from the comfort of your phone. ⁃Use our revolutionary ‘Auto Charge’ feature (for both CCS and CHAdeMO) Download Nexton’s app and take the Next Step in your EV charging experience.
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We know that quality is all our clients need. 

Renewable Energy

Our mission is a cleaner world. We made the next step.

Fast Charging

Fastest charging station existing in the world.

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Made in Germany.

Nexton GmbH is a German company established with the sole purpose of developing and implementing the most advanced EV rapid charging network across Europe. Here at Nexton, we have developed our project by putting the client at the centre, aiming to make them feel secure and comfortable during the most rapid charging session on the market. Our goal is to have 500 DC rapid charging stations across Europe in the next 10 years which will allow us to  charge more than 6000 electric vehicles at any given time and give drivers the peace of mind that they can travel anywhere with an EV.